Spring collaection- light blue leather leash

Spring collaection- light blue leather leash
Mixnature Collar’s designed leather leashes are always made of high quality materials with high quality metal accessories.
This continuously controlled quality allows you to meet the highest expectations.
Selected raw material of two-layer leather collars comes from America and Iran.
The metal buck comes from Italy. The buckles are molded in Italy, or gold. They guarantee the high quality and durability of the Mixnature Collar. The lower skin of the leash is naturally colored, while the upper layer is naturally colored and has a clear, light blue skin. Each leash contains a steel ring. The leather leash has high tensile strength due to the fact that it is glued or sewn to which thread we use. 2 cm in width and 120 cm in length. You will find suitable for any kind of dog from Mixnature Collar. Choose Yourself You will also enjoy a Mixnature Collar product and get yourself a nice cup of tea
8 000 Ft
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